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Virtualbox USB 3.0 Support

USB 3.0 (introduced around 2008) unfortunately is not the highest priority for the great Virtualbox VM software.

If you need to move quite a truck load of data around in a VM you may use a clever workaround to get USB3.0 speeds in your VM.

The credit for this workaround goes to MayanJedi who posted this approach in the USB 3.0 devices are unsupported ticket tracker.

Steps for OS X:

  1. 1
    $ sudo diskutil list
  2. choose your disk you want to use (e.g. /dev/disk3)
  3. 1
    $ sudo diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk3
  4. 1
    $ sudo VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename ~/Desktop/3.0.vmdk -rawdisk /dev/disk3
  5. 1
    $ diskutil unmountdisk disk3
  6. 1
    $ sudo chmod 777 ~/Desktop/3.0.vmdk
  7. 1
    $ sudo chmod 777 /dev/disk3
  8. 1
    $ diskutil unmountdisk disk3
  9. Edit your vm and add the 3.0.vmdk as a hard drive
  10. If you get any error try to unmount again (OS X tends to automount this sometimes)
  11. 1
    $ diskutil unmountdisk disk3
(make this undone after the party is over with:

$ sudo chmod 640 /dev/disk3

tabblo – Brings tado°® To Your Wrist.

Recently the pebble steel was announced and finally shipped. I received mine late february and missed a functionality to control my tado° the heating app. So after asking tado°’s for a public API I thought to myself, they must already have some sort of API and so I started to have a look into their (undocumented) but fine web-services.

tabblo Icon

After one night coding, coding, coding I’ve finally finished my first pebble watchapp: “tabblo” a composite word of tado and pebble, well sort of.

Finally it got really easy to change the temperature in my apartment without tinkering with my phone.


So grab tabblo right away if you own the tado° The Heating App® and the glamours pebble steel or the nerdy pebble.


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